Best Worst Years Toyota Corolla: Expert Ratings Revealed

Welcome! We’re excited to share everything about the Toyota Corolla, a car that’s been around since 1966. It’s famous for being tough and cheap to own, and it’s one of the best-sellers ever. But listen up, not all Corolla years are the same. Some are stars and some are duds.

Our guide will help you spot the best Corollas and steer clear of the bad ones. We want you to get a car that goes the distance and keeps your wallet happy. So, let’s jump in and find you a Corolla that lives up to its name.

Toyota Corolla Generations

History of the Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla started out in 1966 as a simple car for everyday folks. Since then, it’s grown up to be one of the most popular cars around the world. It’s known for being tough, easy on the wallet, and for having a bunch of smart features that came along the way.

Evolution of the Toyota Corolla Over the Years

Over time, the Corolla has changed a lot. It’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The car got new looks and better parts that help it run smoothly and keep you safe. Toyota made sure that the Corolla always had what people wanted, like cool tech and a style that turns heads.

Significance of Generational Changes

Every new Corolla is like a new chapter in a book. It shows how cars get better as time goes on. The Corolla always keeps up with the latest car smarts—staying safe, keeping the air clean, and giving drivers what they need. It’s a car that’s always ready for the times, just like your favorite pair of sneakers that never go out of style.

Best & Worst Years for Toyota Corolla 8th Generation (1998-2002)

Let’s talk about the Toyota Corolla’s 8th generation. From 1998 to 2002, these cars got a big upgrade with VVT-i technology, making them use less gas and run smoother. They also came out with different looks, so you had more choices.

Highlights of the 8th Generation

This generation was a big deal. The new engine tech, VVT-i, made the Corolla a star for saving gas and giving a better ride. Plus, they made it look cooler and feel nicer inside. People really liked these changes and even gave the car some awards.

Notable Improvements in This Era

The Corolla didn’t just get better under the hood; it also got a style revamp. The inside felt comfier, and the outside got a fresh, sharp look. These improvements made the 8th generation one to remember.

Common Issues and the Years to Avoid

Even good cars have off years, and for the 8th generation Corolla, 2001 was a bit rocky. Some folks had trouble with the engine or the car’s electric parts. So, if you’re looking at a Corolla from these years, it’s smart to skip the 2001 and pick one with a clean history instead.

We’re here to help you spot the best Corollas from 1998 to 2002 and steer clear of the few lemons.

Remember, always check the car’s past and go for the ones that have been trouble-free.

Best & Worst Years for Toyota Corolla 9th Generation (2003-2008)

Meet the 9th Gen Corolla

In 2003, Toyota rolled out the 9th gen Corolla. It was bigger, had more cool stuff, and kept you safer on the road. We saw our trusty Corolla grow up, giving you more bang for your buck and a smoother ride.

The Top Picks

Got your eye on a used Corolla? Aim for the 2005 or 2006 models. They’re the champs of this bunch, winning folks over with their solid build and few trips to the mechanic. These are your go-to years for a Corolla that won’t let you down.

The Ones to Watch Out For

Not all Corollas are equal. Take a step back from the 2003 model—it had a few hiccups, like airbag and headlight troubles. If you’re looking at one, check its past, make sure it’s clear of recalls, and you’ll be set. Pick a good one, and it’ll be your trusty ride for miles and miles.

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Best & Worst Years for Toyota Corolla 10th Generation (2009-2013)

A Fresh Look and Cool Tech

From 2009 to 2013, the Toyota Corolla got a big makeover. It went from kind of plain to sharp and stylish – a look that turned heads. Inside, it wasn’t just about looks; they added some serious safety gear. Every car got this thing called electronic stability control to help keep you steady on the road. Plus, there were more airbags to keep you safe if trouble hit.

The Years That Shined

The 2010 and 2013 Corollas were the stars of the show. People who drove them and the car experts all gave them two thumbs up. They were like rock stars for not breaking down and not costing an arm and a leg to keep running. If you’re eyeing a Corolla from these years, you’re on the right track.

Some Bumps in the Road

But hey, not every year was a home run. The 2009 and 2011 Corollas hit a couple of bumps. The 2009 had some trouble with a sticky gas pedal – yikes! And the 2011 had a couple of oopsies with airbags and the engine computer. So, if you’re thinking about getting one from those years, you might want to dig a little deeper and check out their track record first.

Best & Worst Years for Toyota Corolla 11th Generation (2014-2019)

11th Gen Corolla Upgrades

Toyota gave the Corolla a big upgrade in 2014. They added a bunch of cool safety stuff, like automatic headlights and alarms that beep if you start to drift out of your lane. The car also got comfier and easier to drive. It was like Toyota put a cozy couch on wheels that could also keep an eye out for trouble on the road.

The Top Years

If you’re looking for the best of the best, aim for the 2016 or 2017 Corolla. People really liked these cars because they didn’t break down a lot and were nice to drive. It’s like these were the years Toyota got everything just right.

The Not-So-Great Year

Even the best have a not-so-great day, and for the Corolla, it was 2014. Being the first year of the new look, it had a few hiccups. Some parts inside felt a bit cheap, and the gear shifting wasn’t as smooth as it could be. Plus, it didn’t have all the new safety gear right away. So, if you want all the latest safety stuff, you might want to skip the 2014 and go for a newer one.

Best & Worst Years for Toyota Corolla 12th Generation (2020-Present)

What’s New with the Latest Corolla

Since 2020, the newest Corolla got a big update. It’s built on a fresh platform that makes it drive better and feel sturdier. Plus, you can now get it as a hybrid, which means it uses less gas and is kinder to the planet. It’s also packed with cool tech that lets you connect your phone and stay safe on the road.

Good Stuff and Not-So-Good Stuff

The newest Corollas are great on gas and fun to drive. The insides look nicer, and they come with lots of safety stuff to keep you out of trouble. But, if you’re looking for a fast car, the base engine might not excite you. Also, some folks find the screens inside a bit tricky to use. Most people who buy them are happy, though, even if there are a couple of things that could be better.

So far, the 2020 Corolla is doing really well, and it looks like it’ll keep on being a dependable car. It’s got a strong track record, and the new build is solid. We think it’s going to keep being a good pick for a long time. We’ll keep an eye out and let you know if anything changes!

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Toyota Corolla Average Resale Values

How Generations Affect Resale Prices

Every Toyota Corolla is built to last, but newer ones usually sell for more money when they’re used. That’s because they have the latest gadgets and look fresher. Cars made between 2003 and 2008 are really good at keeping their price, thanks to being tough and not needing lots of repairs. But the older models, like from 2001 and 2002, might not sell for as much because they had some engine troubles and needed to go back to the shop for fixes.

Best and Not-So-Great Years for Selling Your Corolla

If you’re thinking about selling your Corolla, some years are better than others. The ones from 2009, 2013, and 2016 are winners because they don’t break down much and folks are happy with them. But watch out if you have a Corolla from 2001 or 2002 – these might not give you as much cash when you sell them.

What Makes Corolla Prices Go Up and Down?

Lots of things can make the price of your Corolla change when you want to sell it. If times are tough and money is tight, fewer people might be able to buy your car. When gas prices go up, your fuel-saving Corolla is a hot item, and that can keep its price high. And as new car tech comes out, older Corollas without the cool, new stuff might not sell for as much.


We looked at every Toyota Corolla generation to find the best and worst years. We found out that some years stand out for their quality. Others had issues you should know about. For example, some 8th generation models had engine problems. But the 9th generation from 2003-2008 got better safety features. The 10th generation, from 2009-2013, brought modern looks and tech. And from 2014-2019, the 11th generation offered new safety tech. The latest 12th generation, starting in 2020, is all about smart features and going green with hybrid options.

Choosing the right year is key. It can make sure you get a car that will last and won’t let you down. We want to help you find a Corolla that’s worth your hard-earned cash. Getting the best year means you’ll enjoy your car more and have fewer headaches.