Best & Worst Years Audi Q5: A Must-Read Guide for Buyers

Step into the world of the Audi Q5, a standout SUV that’s all about luxury and flair. We’re here to spill the beans on which years of the Q5 are winners and which you might want to skip. Knowing the best and worst years for this ride is super important for your happiness and your wallet. So, let’s get the lowdown on the Q5’s history, what makes some years shine, and others not so much. We’ve done our research to help you pick the perfect Q5 without any fuss.

Audi Q5 Generations

This fancy SUV came to town in 2008 and quickly became a star. It’s like that cool kid on the block that everyone wants to hang out with. The Q5 has grown up since, getting better with each year, and has shown the world that Audi knows how to keep up with the times.

What’s New from First to Second Generation

The first Audi Q5s (2009-2017) were already pretty great, packing a lot of fun features. But when the second batch (2018-now) rolled out, they brought even cooler stuff. Think of the first Q5 like a flip phone – it was awesome back in the day. The newer Q5? It’s like a smartphone with all the latest apps. The insides got a big makeover, too, with fancy screens and buttons that make driving feel like playing a video game.

Gadgets and Looks That Keep the Q5 Cool

Audi keeps loading the Q5 with new toys and making it look sharp. Every new model comes with some fresh gadget or a slick design twist that makes you say, “Wow!” They’ve added things to help drivers, like automatic braking if you’re about to hit something, and even ways to save gas with electric power. All these updates keep the Q5 in the spotlight and high on people’s wish lists.

How We Pick the Best and Worst Audi Q5 Years

We look at three things to find the top and bottom years for the Audi Q5:

  • How often they break down
  • If they had to be called back for fixes
  • What people who drive them think.

These things matter to you because they tell you if your car will run smoothly, stay safe, and keep you happy. We use these to guide you to the best choice for your next ride.

We’ve dug into the numbers to see which Audi Q5 years rock and which ones might give you a headache. Big recalls? That’s a warning sign. Praises from drivers? That’s what we want to hear. We share the scoop on which years have a thumbs up or thumbs down from people like you.

Jim Drive Team

Some Audi Q5 years are just fine. They’re not the stars of the show, but they don’t cause a fuss either. We call these the neutral years. If you’re looking for a good deal and a car that gets the job done, these might be your sweet spot. They’re the steady Eddies of the bunch, keeping things rolling without any drama.

Best & Worst Years for Audi Q5 1st Generation (2009-2017)

Top Years for the Audi Q5

Let’s talk about the best years for the first-generation Audi Q5. If you’re shopping for one, aim for the 2012 or 2016 models. These cars had fewer problems and were known for being reliable. In 2012, Audi had figured out how to fix earlier issues, making the car better for you. The 2016 Q5 got some cool updates like a fancy dashboard and a better system for music and maps. Plus, the inside looked nicer and the car didn’t gulp down gas as much.

Years to Avoid

Now, let’s get real about the years that weren’t so great. You might want to steer clear of the 2011 and 2014 Q5s. The 2011 model had some trouble with drinking too much oil and keeping its cool, while the 2014 version could be fussy with its engine and gears. They also had to call back some cars because of safety stuff, like leaky fuel and sunroof issues, which wasn’t great for Audi’s image or for folks who owned them.

The Big Updates and Fixes

In 2013, Audi gave the Q5 a makeover. They spiced up the front with a new grille and lights, and they put in better engines. People really liked these changes because they made the car look and run better. The updates fixed a bunch of old problems, but watch out—some cars still had the oil issue. So, when you’re looking at these years, remember that while they made some good fixes, it wasn’t perfect.

Best & Worst Years for Audi Q5 2nd Generation (2018-Present)

If you’re eyeing the 2nd generation Audi Q5, which hit the roads in 2018, you’re looking at a sleeker and smarter SUV. We saw Audi roll out a fancier look, a top-notch inside screen, and even a better system to keep the car steady on slippery roads. People and car experts gave it a thumbs up for its comfy seats and the power to zoom past others on the highway.

Problematic Years and Issues Faced

When we checked out how this newer Q5 has been doing, we found it’s mostly been smooth sailing. That said, the 2019 model had a few hiccups with its gadgets and some parts needed a quick fix. Audi didn’t waste time—they called back some cars and fixed them up at no extra cost, keeping everyone happy and safe.

The Best Years

Digging into which years shine for the 2nd gen Q5, we spotted that the 2021 model is a real gem. It’s got fewer troubles and now comes with a tech trick that saves gas and keeps the air cleaner. Owners are all smiles, loving its mix of zip and luxury. It’s the year you’d want to grab for a ride that feels good and drives even better.

Audi Q5 Resale Values

If you’re eyeing a used Audi Q5, you’ll want to know that newer models with fresh features usually cost more. But even in each group of Q5s made around the same time—what we call a generation—some years are better than others. Cars from years with fewer problems and good dependability keep their value and sell for more money later.

When a Q5 doesn’t break down much and people who drive it love it, you can bet it’ll be worth more when it’s time to sell. We’ve looked closely and found that years with good scores for not having many issues mean you might get more cash when you’re ready to move on to your next car.

What’s going on in the world can change how much your Q5 is worth, too. If the economy’s doing well, more folks can buy luxury cars. If gas prices shoot up, people start looking for cars that drink less fuel. And when new tech comes out, especially stuff that helps the planet or keeps you safe, older cars can seem less cool and lose value faster.


Our deep dive into the Audi Q5’s history has led us to some clear winners and losers. We’ve seen that some years shine with fewer problems and great reliability, while others have faced recalls and issues. These results show us that not all Q5s are made the same. It’s crucial to know which years to pick and which to skip to get the best ride without the headache.

We can’t stress enough how picking the right year of an Audi Q5 can make or break your driving joy. Understanding the best and worst years helps match your needs with the right SUV. A well-chosen Q5 year means you’re more likely to enjoy your ride without facing unexpected garage visits.