Benton Desimone

Benton Desimone

Hi there! This is Benton Desimone, Founder of Jim Drive.


Benton Desimone is a seasoned expert in the automotive and car industry, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a genuine passion for cars and a commitment to driving safety, Benton has dedicated his career to sharing valuable insights and empowering drivers worldwide.

He possesses a deep understanding of car repair and maintenance, along with expertise in safe driving practices. Benton's extensive experience, certifications, and continuous pursuit of knowledge make him a trusted authority in the field.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Benton enjoys spending his leisure time attending car shows, tinkering with classic cars, and exploring new automotive technologies.


Over the past 15 years, Benton has garnered a wealth of experience working in various capacities within the automotive industry.

His roles have encompassed both hands-on technical expertise and leadership positions. Benton has worked as a mechanic, where he gained practical experience in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of car issues. He has also served as a service manager at a reputable car dealership, overseeing the efficient operation of the service department and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Benton's diverse experience has equipped him with a holistic understanding of the industry, from the nitty-gritty of car repair to the intricacies of managing a service-oriented team.


Benton Desimone holds a Bachelor's degree in Automotive Engineering from California State University. During his studies, he acquired a solid foundation in the principles of automotive engineering, which has greatly informed his expertise in the field.

In addition to his formal education, Benton has pursued various professional certifications such as ASE Certified Technician and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Certification, continuously expanding his knowledge and staying up to date with the latest advancements in the automotive industry.

As the founder of Jim Drive, Benton Desimone brings a unique blend of hands-on experience, technical knowledge, and a genuine passion for driving safety. Through his expertise, he strives to make a positive impact by educating and empowering drivers to have safer journeys on the road.